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Calvin Kearns


Calvin is a graduate of Oregon State University. He taught agriculture prior to starting C and D. Aside from overseeing all aspects of C and D, Cal does design work, and sales and supervision of our installation department. He is a past member of the Oregon Landscape Contractor’s Board.

Cal loves what he does and it is very evident in the passion he has for this company. He works hard to not only ensure that he is providing all of our clients with the best product possible, but that our employees enjoy their jobs and continue to have a great place to work.

Cal is also active in his local church and community. He is willing to help out anyone whenever he can, which is evident with the time he puts into volunteer work and serving on different boards and planning committees. He loves traveling, and has good reason to with 3 of his 5 children living out of state. He also enjoys hunting and playing golf. He is married to Deborah Kearns and in addition to their 5 children they have 8 wonderful grandchildren.

Deborah Kearns

Founder/Vice President

Debbie is also a graduate of Oregon State University. She currently is the School-to-Work Coordinator for Dayton High School and works in our Christmas Décor Department. Aside from constantly being busy with her two jobs and her large family, Debbie is always willing to help out anyone, anyway that she can.

She has a heart for children in need and her job at the school is a great place for her to help children develop skills and find an outlet to use those skills to become successful young adults. She also has written several grants, organizes all of C and D’s events, as well as events she is involved with at the school district. She handles all of the office work for our Christmas Décor department, has overseen and decorated the beautiful tree in downtown McMinnville and was also in charge of the interior Christmas decorating for the Little People Big World Christmas special in 2008.

Debbie enjoys spending time with her friends and family, she also enjoys shopping, traveling and making jewelry. She is married to Cal, has 5 successful children and 8 beautiful grandchildren.

Josh Kearns

Design & Installation Department Manager

Josh started working for C and D as soon as it was legal for him to do so as a kid. After graduating from MidAmerica Nazarene University in 2002, with a degree in business administration, he returned to the family business and began working in our installation department.

Josh enjoys playing (well… watching) football and playing all kinds of sports. He also loves to use his creativity in photography, writing, drawing and even whittling on occasion. Josh enjoys helping out with the youth group at his church as a small group leader. He thinks this will give him an edge when his daughters are teenagers…we shall see.

Isaac Kearns

Maintenance Department Manager

Isaac is the third of the five Kearns siblings and started out at C and D holding a “slow down” sign at the tender age of 10. He graduated from Oregon State University with a degree in horticulture in 2003, then came back to work for us. As our Maintenance Department Manager he oversees our maintenance department and supervises our enhancement, irrigation and Christmas Décor departments as well.

It is only fitting that Isaac loves the outdoors and spends a lot of his time golfing, fishing and hunting. He enjoys helping out his community, currently serving on the church board and other philanthropic committees that serve the area.

Isaac is married to a very hardworking, wonderful woman, Nicole and they have a Daughter and Son.

Caleb Kearns

Construction Department Manager

Caleb Kearns has been working for C and D Landscape since he and his wife moved from Charlotte, NC in 2011. Caleb graduated from Linfield College in 2008 with dual B.A’s, and quickly learned he had to have a career that allowed him to be creative. The installation of Masonry, Pavers and Water Features provides Caleb with the ability to mix art with functionality. In his words, “we will continue to grow here at C and D as long as we can maintain the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction while creating custom and genuine products.”

He and his wife Cressie, a Chiropractor, live in Dayton with their two girls, Jossy and Cora. In his spare time Caleb like to laugh at the notion of having spare time!

Greg Northcutt

Maintenance Sales

In the summer of 2007, Greg Northcutt joined our team as a foreman in our extra work department. With his knowledge and customer service skills he soon became a salesman for our maintenance, enhancement and Christmas Décor departments. Greg has nearly 20 years experience in the industry and has been a great addition to our company.

Greg enjoys softball, golf, going to the gym and spending time with his Wife and dog Jeter. He also loves attending OSU baseball games. Greg comes from a large family and is the youngest of 8 children. He was born and raised in Newberg, Oregon.

Emily Osborn

Installation and Design Sales

Emily graduated from University of Idaho, where she studied Landscape Architecture and Anthropology. Her creativity proves to be a leading factor to her success, taking a customers vision and making it become a reality is her forte.

Emily is C and D Landscapes lead landscape designer, when asked what she loves most about her job, she said; “hearing a customers vision for their landscape, then seeing their amazement when their vision becomes a reality, that is the best”

Emily and her Husband, Jarrod live in McMinnville with their Daughter Addie.

In her “spare time”, Emily enjoys baking, walks to the park with her Daughter and of course enjoying a nice IPA!



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